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Basic Essentials!

A list of the basics to buy for your Sphynx kitten!



Please be sure and purchase a carrier for your kitten! hard crate or a soft carrier, whatever you prefer.

This will be used to transport your kitten safely from our home at pick up, on the car ride to your home, this will also come in handy for future vet checkups and any time you may be bringing your kitten with you for any reason. Crates and carriers can be purchased on, Amazon, Petsmart, Petco and possibly other retailers.

soft crate.jpg


We feed Earthborn Holistic primitive feline grain-free natural dry cat & kitten food.

and Purina fancy feast kitten pate wet canned food.



We use Equisicat paper pellet litter or paper crumble litter. This specific brand is a product made by Petsmart and can only be purchased at Petsmart! You are free to choose other brands of paper pellets, this brand is our preferred choice. We use a large open top regular litter box.

If you decide you want to go with a different litter, we recommended the Breeze pellet litter system. Everything to get you started comes all together in a box.

The Breeze system can be purchased on, Amazon, Petsmart, Petco and possibly other retailers.




You can buy any baby wash & shampoo you prefer! You can also buy a general medicated shampoo that can be purchased on Amazon or You can also alternate between the two! You will need to bathe your kitten no more than once a week!



Be sure to have a pair of cat / kitten nail clippers!

You will need to clip your kittens nails regularly, about once a week to two weeks!

You can purchase nail clippers from, Amazon, Walmart, Petsmart, Petsmart and possibly other retailers.



You will need to purchase an ear cleaner, ear wash, Zymox, Vetquinol, Virbac are all preferred brands! These can be purchased on, Amazon and possibly other retailers.

You can also use Chlorhexidine solution as an alternative to clean ears. You will need to dilute it down with water and only need a bit on the end of a Q-tip! And of course, don't forget your Q-Tips! You will need to clean your kittens ears once a week!



Make sure to have a warm cozy bed your kitten can go to! You can also buy heated cat beds! or a heating pad for pets that can be put under a blanket in the bed aswell.


Pet beds, Heated pet beds, pet heating pads can be purchsed on, Amazon, Petsmart, Petco and other retailers. 




Have a Cat tree for your kitten that has scratching posts! They will need somewhere to scratch! This also gives them a mini playground of sorts and resting spots.

I like the go pet club cat trees if your looking for a quality cat tree for an affordable price! These can be purchased on Amazon and

You can purchase cat trees from other retailers also.

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