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  • Once we confirm the kitten you are choosing is available we will give you our PayPal link and give you a 30 minute window to place your deposit of $400 for that specific kitten before we make it available again to others if your deposit is not received in that time frame!

  • When paying your deposit through PayPal, Please use the friends and family option! 

  • If you choose to use the goods and services option you will be charged an additional 3% by PayPal that you will need to add additionally! Also if payment is not cleared in my account, Kitten cannot go home until it has been!

  • Deposits are Non-refundable under any circumstance! If you place a deposit and then choose to back out of purchasing your kitten for any reason, your deposit will be kept for time of kitten being unavailable to other potential buyers. Please be committed to the kitten you are choosing!


Paying your 


  • Paying your remaining balance can be paid using PayPal, ONLY if it is paid 5 days prior to pick up! If not, Your remaining balance is due in CASH ONLY at pick up! We do not accept any other forms of payment.

  • Kitten pick up and monetary transactions are done at my home ONLY! We do not meet half way or in parking lots. Pick up is available any day of the week from 10 am to 9pm unless my schedule does not permit a particular day or time. We offer Shipping by airline when available and Delivery depending on distance and availability, both are an additional cost and must be paid in full with kitten purchase price received and cleared before shipping or delivery can be done.


of Health


PRIMARY WARRANTY OF HEALTH: Kittens are in good health at the time of sale as far as can be determined by the Seller / Veterinarian. The Buyer agrees to have the Kitten / Cat examined by a licensed Veterinarian for a general exam and fecal exam within 48 hours of receiving the Kitten / Cat excluding weekends and holidays. Buyer is responsible for all Veterinary fees once the Kitten / Cat has left Luna Kats LLC Seller possession. Kittens have been dewormed before leaving Sellers possession, all necessary dewormings have been given to the Kitten / Cat and no symptoms or signs of parasites have been detected by the Seller / Veterinarian. If the Kitten / Cat is found to have a parasite, Buyer understands that parasites are common in kittens. Parasites are relatively inexpensive to treat and simple oral deworming treatments are usually once a day for 3 to 7 days. It is estimated that roughly 80% of all kittens get giardia or coccidia, this can be contracted anywhere in the environment.  After the Kitten / Cat has left the possession of the Seller, Seller Luna Kats LLC cannot be held accountable for any bacterial or viral infectious diseases, parasites, fungus, or future diagnosis of FeLV/FIV due to the fact that these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving Luna Kat Sphynx Cattery / Luna Kats LLC and are not a result of genetics or breeding. The Kitten / Cat should not be in contact with any other pets or animals before being Vet checked within the 48 hour period or health guarantee voids. Please do not vaccinate for FIP feline infectious peritonitis or FIV feline immunodeficiency virus aka “feline AIDS” If you decide to vaccinate for FIV keep in mind that your cat will test ‘positive’ for FIV since the test cannot tell the difference between a positive cat and a vaccinated cat! All health guarantees will be void if the Kitten / Cat is vaccinated for FIV or FIP! Your kitten is up to date with vaccines and therefore you should not over vaccinate your new kitten.


Research suggests that over 90% of all cats are carriers for the herpes virus. This virus is airborne, can live on surfaces and is generally thought by veterinarians to cause the vast majority of cat and kitten common colds. All purebred cats are more susceptible, This is NOT a congenital or genetic defect, just a known risk to the breed. This is very similar to human adults that have shingles expressions of the chicken pox as evidence of chickenpox exposure. 


If upon examination the Veterinarian diagnoses the Kitten / Cat to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life threatening congenital defect, the Buyer must notify the Seller immediately by phone, email, text along with a written letter and a scheduled phone consult from the diagnosing Veterinarian. Seller has the right to obtain a second opinion. The Kitten / Cat must be returned to the Seller within 2 days of the Veterinarian diagnosis that the Kitten / Cat has an untreatable or life threatening congenital defect or the Buyer loses the right to return the Kitten / Cat. The Buyer has the choice to return the Kitten / Cat and the Seller will replace the Kitten / Cat with one of equal value if available or Seller will refund the purchase price, excluding the veterinary costs related to the certification of the Veterinarian diagnosis. The Kitten / Cat may not be returned due to an untreatable or life threatening defect after 48 hours from receiving the Kitten / Cat has lapsed. No exceptions! 

  • It is not uncommon for a Kitten to undergo some degree of stress when there is a change in their environment, i.e., change in home environment or shipping. Occasionally this transition may cause them to start to sneeze, cough or develop a runny nose which can be the beginning signs and stages of a developing upper respiratory infection . If this occurs the cat/kitten should be taken to veterinarian. It is important that upper respiratory issues be addressed in a prompt manner.