How do I get on your waiting list?

If you would like to purchase one of our kittens please fill out our kitten adoption application form on our

waiting list page to start the process!

we will respond and you will be notified when kittens are available!

How do I reserve a kitten?

Kittens will be listed available & deposits are accepted when they are around 6 to 8 weeks old. A $400 deposit made using PayPal will reserve a kitten. The remaining balance is due in Cash only the day of pick up. PayPal payment is accepted for the remaining balance, only if it is payed 1 week prior to pick up! ( Full balance and fees are due 1 week prior to kittens being shipped.) My PayPal link will be given once you have contacted me, to make sure the kitten is still available!

More info here!


Can I come visit the kittens?


When you ask to visit our "cattery" you're asking to visit our home, keeping this in mind, inviting people into your home can be quite dangerous. Not knowing a strangers intentions is one of several reasons we limit visits as much as possible. Before kittens have had their first vaccines, their immune systems are more susceptible to illness. Viruses/parasites can be brought in on shoes, clothing, hands etc. by any of us, so we try to minimize the risk to our kittens for their safety. Their Health is our top priority, their may also be unvaccinated kittens in our home who have not yet reached the age for their first vaccine. Therefore we limit visits scheduled strictly for customers who have filled out our kitten interest form, signed our contract and placed a deposit! Visits will be limited to customers who are coming to pick up their kitten. This means kitten will be 12 weeks or older! Yes, we run a strict cattery! It does not mean we have anything to hide, it means we take the utmost precautions for our own safety of our home and the health and safety of our cats and kittens which is our #1 priority!

You will be sent updates and pictures on your kitten weekly or bi-weekly!

You can contact me anytime for any questions you may have! 

-We do not allow visits to pick out a kitten or just to come look at a sphynx because you have never seen one in person.

When can kittens leave?

At 12 to 16 weeks old kittens can be picked up or shipped.

Kittens appear bigger in pictures than they are in person!

Do you have a contract & health guarantee?

Yes! We have both! Also a very strict spay/neuter contract! click here to view!

Best way to reach you?

The best way to reach me is my email form on the contact page! click here!

I can also be reached by text or phone.



What do your kittens come with?



Kitten Care Pack

Wet & Dry Food Sample

30 Days of Free Pet Insurance

Veterinarian Wellness Exam

Veterinarian Fecal Exam

Health Records

First Vaccines

Completed Dewormings

A Life Time of Support!

What should I buy?


Click here for a detailed list!

Are your kittens litterbox trained?

Yes! Our kittens are completely litterbox trained here in our home before leaving.

Keep in mind when bringing your new kitten home to keep them in a bedroom size area so they are not overwhelmed or lost in your new home depending on the size. They can have an accident in this case. let them get used to there new home and surroundings for at least a few days, this way they can adjust and also easily find their box!

How often does my kitten need a bath?

Please click here for information on how to care for your Sphynx kitten.

This covers bathing, ears, nails, vaccinations, vets, litter etc.!


What food do you feed?

We feed Royal Canin dry foods, we also feed different brands of dry & wet / can food.

You will be told exactly what your kitten is eating! We free feed them dry food

and feed wet food 1 to 3 times a day.

How big are Sphynx cats?

You can expect your Adult Sphynx female to weigh 6 - 8 pounds and

Adult Sphynx male to weigh 8 - 10 pounds. This can vary give or take.

Lifespan of a Sphynx?

Sphynx can live 9, all the way to 20 years!


Are Sphynx Truly Hairless?

No Sphynx is truly 100% hairless, they do have fine hair on the bridge of the nose and backs of the ears. Some have a fine down or fuzz that makes them feel like velvet to the touch. Some have can have fuzz on the tail or other areas of the body. It does also depend on genetic background, hormonal changes, and seasonal changes, all play a role. This is hair you may see come and go or stay. Some Sphynx are more "hairless" than others. No guarantee can be made that your kitten may not grow some fuzz at some point in its life. Some remain very "naked".


Are Sphynx Hypoallergenic?

No. While many people think that a cat's fur is the primary allergen, this is actually a widespread misconception. According to the American Collage of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, the allergic potential of cats is not driven by fur, but rather by the presence of a protein (Fel d 1) in the animal's saliva, dander and urine. Although the fur itself is not an allergen, it can collect saliva, dander and urine in addition to other allergens like dust, which means that cats with less fur may be less likely to collect allergens. Many frequently consider the Sphynx cat less allergenic because it does not have any fur to trap allergens. Many people tolerate Sphynx very well with less or no allergies.

 -We do Not provide allergy visits, you can still be allergic to Sphynx and since our home has several cats as oppose to having one cat in the home, That alone can make a huge difference. 


Contact: 713-344-8288


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Located In Conroe Texas, USA