How to Purchase!


 How to purchase a kitten!

If you have done your research, read through the pages of our website and you're dedicated and committed to purchasing, loving and caring for a Luna Kats kitten, here is your opportunity not to miss out on one of our beautiful kittens as soon as they become available! 

We currently do not have a waiting list. We tried using one briefly and did not feel it made things better for us, our customers or our kittens. Filling out our Kitten Application is the first step to purchasing a kitten from us. Once your application is accepted, we reply quickly and keep you updated on upcoming kitten availability. We will always send an email to notify you of kitten availability. When kittens are posted with pictures and prices, this means they are either available to reserve or ready to adopt and go home right away! Kittens are posted typically after 8 weeks old and older! Kittens cannot leave until they are between 12  to 16 weeks old, sometimes older. All kittens will be Spayed / Neutered before being able to go home! Choosing from kittens is on a first come, first serve basis, once we accept your application!

When you have made your decision on the kitten you choose, a $400 deposit will need to be placed through Zelle to reserve the kitten for you. This will hold the kitten for you until the kitten becomes 12-16 weeks old and ready to go home! Once we have received your $400 deposit via Zelle, we will send you our easy fillable contract by email to enter your info, sign and date. You will send that back to us by the following day. You will then pay the kittens remaining balance at pick up in Cash only! No other forms of payment will be accepted at the time of pick up!

*Kittens that are ready to go home at the time they are made available to choose from must be picked up within 1 week from the date you choose the kitten! 

*Kittens who need shipping or delivery must be paid in full the day of kitten selection. ( when you have made your choice on a kitten.) No exceptions. Your remaining balance and shipping or delivery fees must be paid in full using Zelle.  

Luna Kats Kitten Application
Please fill out this form to purchase one of our kittens and to be notified about kitten availability! We will reply as soon as possibly!

Thanks for submitting!

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