Kitten Waiting List & Adoption Application

What does it mean to be on our waiting list?

Once you have filled out our kitten adoption application and received a response from us, then you have been approved to move forward to our waiting list! This means that we will email you in the order we received your application to inform you that kittens are available to reserve for our upcoming litter! ( Please keep in mind, our kittens sell very fast when they become available! ) We do give previous buyers first pick and everyone else will be first come, first serve from our waiting list!

Once you contact us back about a kitten that is available, we do give you a 30 minute window to pay your deposit through PayPal to reserve the specific kitten you have chosen. If the deposit is not received in that time frame we will give the next interested buyer the opportunity to reserve.

I choose not to take any monetary fees to be on our waiting list, nor do I accept deposits for a kitten before kittens become available to reserve at 6 to 8 weeks old. This keeps things less complicated. I prefer to see my kittens grow and develop before I promise them to potential buyers. I may also choose to hold back a kitten for myself.

Also understand that once you have placed a deposit to reserve a kitten , you have made a commitment to that kitten! deposits are Non-refundable. 

 If you would like to purchase one of our kittens please fill out the form below! 

Located in Conroe Texas,

just north of Houston Texas,

2.5 hours from Austin Texas,

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Contact: 713-344-8288

Instagram: @LunaKatSphynx

Located In Conroe Texas, USA