We will have kittens BORN in May and June. They will not be available to reserve with pictures and prices UNTILL they are 6 to 8 weeks old!

you can find updates HERE!

Thank you for your interest in our kittens and for visiting Luna Kats!

Kittens will be ready to go to their new home at 12- 16 weeks old.

You will need to place a deposit in order to reserve / hold the kitten of your choice.

Please read the entire page of prices & purchasing before contacting me.

We do offer safe shipping for out of state buyers! 

Kittens may appear much bigger in pictures than they really are!

Your Kitten will come with:


 Kitten Care Pack

 Wet & Dry Food Sample

 Coupon for FREE bag of food

 30 Days of Free Pet Insurance

 Veterinarian Wellness Exam

 Veterinarian Fecal Exam

 Health Records

 Current Vaccinations

 Completed Dewormings

 A Life Time of Support!

Can I come visit with the kittens?

I get asked this question quite often by phone, text and social media, knowing nothing about the person on the other end. When you ask to visit our "cattery" you're asking to visit our home, keeping this in mind, inviting people into your home can be quite dangerous. Not knowing a strangers intentions is one of several reasons we limit visits as much as possible. Before kittens have had their first vaccines at 9 weeks old, their immune systems are more susceptible to illness. Viruses/parasites can be brought in on shoes, clothing, hands etc. by any of us, so we try to minimize the risk to our kittens for their safety. Their Health is our top priority, their may also be unvaccinated kittens in our home who have not yet reached the age for their first vaccine. Therefore we limit visits scheduled strictly for customers who have filled out and signed our contract and placed a deposit! Visits will be limited to customers who are coming to pick up their kitten. This means kitten will be 12 weeks or older! Yes, we run a strict cattery! It does not mean we have anything to hide, it means we take the utmost precautions for our own safety of our home and the health and safety of our cats and kittens which is our #1 priority! You will be sent updates and pictures on your kitten weekly or bi-weekly!

-We do not provide allergy visits, you can still be allergic to Sphynx and since our home has several cats as oppose to having one cat in the home, which alone could make a huge difference.

-We do not allow visits to pick out a kitten or just to come look at a sphynx because you have never seen one in


Contact: 713-344-8288

Instagram: @LunaKatSphynx

Located In Conroe Texas, USA