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The Sphynx is an inquisitive, intelligent, and extremely friendly cat! Warm and soft to the touch, They have very soft skin that feels like the softest chamois leather. Their toes are like fingers and they use them that way as they investigate and play with everything that takes their curiosity. Their wrinkled faces remind you of the wisdom we all gather with age while their big ears and lemon-shaped eyes give them a unique look. Their rounded Buddha-like bodies bring a smile to the face.

The Sphynx is definitely an enigmatic breed for the connoisseur.

Sphynx frequently sleep with their owners under the covers. The term "Velcro lap cat" used to describe the desire of the Sphynx to be on you all the time, is very accurate. Sphynx love to greet every new person visiting the home, and most get along well with dogs and other pets. Because of their hairlessness, Sphynx have a tendency to get cold but they are intelligent enough to find a warm place- usually a computer monitor, a sunny window, a television, or under a blanket with their owners. Sphynx are highly active and will entertain themselves for hours and some Sphynx even fetch toys. Many Sphynx owners describe their cats as elf-like or childlike due to their inquisitive and intelligent nature. Sphynx are loyal and dedicated to their owners and make very affectionate companions for everyone!

Welcome to Luna Kats

We are a TICA and CFA registered in home Sphynx cattery

located in Conroe Texas raising Sphynx, Elf, Bambino and Dwelf kittens.

We have all colors including odd eye kittens available!

I have owned Sphynx for the past 10 years,

my focus in breeding is to raise quality, healthy, happy kittens

and continue to grow with knowledge and bettering the breed

being able to share with others the joy of owning a Sphynx!

We also have imported kittens from Europe here at Luna Kats!

All kittens come with the same Genetic/Health Guarantee, contract and Veterinarian Exams etc.

You can always be assured of our commitment to you and all of the kittens under our care.

These hairless cats are inquisitive, exuberant and exceptionally Loving!

My cats and kittens are raised in my home, never caged, spoiled and very loved!

My home has customized separate areas used for playrooms, stud room and nursery.

We run air purifiers in each room 24/7 and heating pads. That half of my home also

has its own A/C and heating system, this enables us to keep our cats and kittens at a comfortable

temperature just for them. We stay diligent in keeping everything extremely clean and well kept daily!

All of our breeding cats are tested FeLV/FIV Negative and TICA Registered and or CFA Registered.

( The International Cat Association ) ( The Cat Fanciers Association )

We are also an HCM scanning cattery!

Our Kittens come with a Genetic/Health Guarantee, Contract, age appropriate vaccines/deworming, and are evaluated by a licensed veterinarian for overall health, fecal and cleared of any signs of heart murmur before leaving! Please read over all the pages of Luna Kats to inform you of everything you should know and how to reserve one of our amazing kittens! 

Please contact me if you have any additional questions!